Why WhisperGen
Why WhisperGen
Generate your own energy
It produces heat and electricity whenever you want
Unlike regular heating systems, WhisperGen also supplies the home with electricity. This way, it provides the home with domestic hot water, heating and electricity, by consuming natural gas.
Contrary to the process with other alternative energy sources, such as renewable energy sources, with WhisperGen the home does not sacrifice any of the comfort to which you are accustomed, and it can generate the energy you need, when you need it, with total flexibility and independence as regards the outside weather or environmental conditions. After all, the sun doesn't shine every day, and the wind doesn't always blow with the same force.
It reduces your home's CO2 emissions
By producing the energy in the same place as it will be consumed, WhisperGen has an efficiency index of over 90%. For that reason, and due to the fact that it makes more efficient use of its fuel, natural gas, it contributes to reducing the home's CO2 emissions.
At present, around 55% of the energy generated by classic power stations is lost without being used and renewable energies cover only 10% of the demand. Technologies that allow energy to be generated in a decentralised and efficient way, such as WhisperGen, have a positive impact on the environment.
It makes savings on your electric bill
As the user generates a large part of the energy that their home needs, the amount of energy that the home purchases from the mains is reduced, thus obtaining an important saving in the electric bill.
Furthermore, when the user does not use the energy generated by WhisperGen, the surplus electricity can be sold on to the electrical grid to obtain greater savings.
It is backed by the security of contrasted technology
WhisperGen's operation is based on its exclusive Stirling 4-stroke external combustion engine, a robust, reliable and low-maintenance engine.
The WhisperGen's exclusive, patented technology has more than 15 years of development and undergoes constant R&D.
The key aspects of WhisperGen
Full comfort
Heat and energy generated in the home, silently and easily, without giving up the comfort provide by having limitless access to all the energy the user needs.
Environmentally friendly
WhisperGen's high efficiency saves up to a ton of CO2 emissions per family/year.
Intelligent savings
With energy prices constantly rising, producing the electricity consumed by the home provides notable savings in the electric bill, which are increased by selling on the surplus energy to the grid.
WhisperGen adapts to each home's consumption and energy needs, and can generate 2/3 of the energy it needs when it needs it, with no limitations.
Social change
More and more people are opting for innovative energy solutions in search of greater efficiency and greater energy independence.
Greater energy independence
Distributed energy generation reduces dependence on major energy suppliers.
Distributed Energy Generation, Citizens' Power

Distributed energy generation, or micro-generation, is a real, convenient alternative in the light of the current environmental, energy and economic crisis in which we find ourselves. The end user of the energy is the person who produces it based on their own needs and, with this, they achieve a significant saving on domestic electric bills. It also manages to make more efficient use of the energy generated, which contributes to reducing your home's CO2 emissions.

Enjoying the full comfort provided by energy, without giving up the quality of our lifestyle is possible thanks to advanced technologies such as micro-cogeneration, which allow citizens to generate the energy they need, when they need it, with total flexibility.

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