The Stirling Engine
The Stirling Engine
Stirling Engine

WhisperGen's operation is based on its exclusive 4-stroke Stirling engine which works via natural gas combustion.

This external combustion engine contains nitrogen sealed in its interior, which acts as a working gas, i.e. its expansion and compression, as a result of the changes in temperature, generate the movement of the pistons that activate the engine.

The WhisperGen engine stands out for its robustness, mainly due to the balanced movement of its four pistons, as a result of the patented "Wobble Yoke" system.

This is Stirling Engine
Robert Stirling, a Great Inventor

The Stirling engine was invented in 1816 by Robert Stirling, a Scottish reverend and inventor, who, in his search for an alternative to the steam locomotive, came upon an invention capable of generating energy via the compression and expansion of the air sealed inside it with only the application of heat.

The Stirling engine is efficient, safe and reliable, with around 200 years of development. Although history has relegated it to second place, the need to generate energy in a cleaner and more efficient way has turned it into a technology of the future.

How it works
It generated thermal energy and electricity at the same time
It had endless applications
Its operation was silent
It worked with almost any heat source
There was no danger of explosion (unlike the locomotive)
It required hardly any maintenance
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